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Empowering People to Solve Problems

We need to do more than just arrest criminals. We must address the causes of crime in our community. Our city needs leadership with the experience, skills and focus to reduce crime.

The 190 officers I led in JSOs Zone 2 worked with community leaders, neighborhood groups and concerned citizens to mobilize a grassroots approach that brought real change. I will use this type of empowering leadership to solve problems as a member of the Council.

I will help create new economic opportunities, improve infrastructure and advocate for at-risk kids. I’ve seen what happens when leaders empower people and create opportunities for citizens to work together to solve problems.

We’ve got a lot of politicians at City Hall.  Don’t we need at least one smart cop on the Council? 

  • Decades of Public Service Leadership Experience
  • Successful Community Leader
  • Licensed Realtor
  • Former Church Trustee, Youth Mentor
  • Dedicated Husband, Father and Grandfather

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